Printing large formats - MFBB Inc.
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Printing large Formats

Habillage de fenêtres
Lettrage d'exposition rouge
Murales RIDM

Photo credits

1. Removable adhesive vinyl printing – Surface Tension exhibition, Valérie Belin, DHC/ART, 2015.
2. Banner printing – opening night of the Quebec Cinema Rendezvous, Imperial Cinema, 2013.
3. Removable adhesive vinyl printing – L’Arsenal, Montreal Biennial of Contemporary Art, BNL MTL, 2014.
4. Mural vinyl printing – Heart Now of Sciences of Quebec University in Montreal International Documentary Meetings, 2014.
5. and 6. Banner printing, workshops 2013. Design: M.F.B.B, 2013.
7. Banner printing, free-standing banner M.F.B.B, Design: M.F.B.B.
8. Vinyl printing on mural as part of the Montreal International Documentary Meetings, Quebec Cinema, 2015